Welcome to the site of Enterprise Intuitive, Consultant and Writer Janet Brimson.

Janet helps clients explore complexity and abstraction gaining deep insights into the energies at work and play in their organisations and work life.

Together you will explore new ways to think about problems, people, markets, systems and other enterprise and global structures.
Through intuitive and innovative consultation she helps you solve complex problems and identify new opportunities.   Importantly, she provides practical steps on how to realise these shifts in practice, thinking and behaviour.

Janet writes and presents on areas of corporate culture, societal and global change related to our growing need for deeper meaning in all areas of our lives.

Her career background is in enterprise business architecture, digital strategy and creative writing.

Using intuition, creative visioning, energy psychology and a deep knowledge of enterprise systems, Janet helps you see, feel and envision your future.   Contact her today.

Challenge your path to purpose.   Realign your potential


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Workshops & Retreats

2017-2020 Events will take place in Australia as well as Internationally. Current locations include: Noosa, Queensland, Australia Bali Spain Hawaii Events to include: Dragon Change Workshops Guided Universal Meditations Dragon Strategic Retreats Client Symposiums.


Writing Janet has been working at her writer longer than any other discipline. She has written fiction, poetry, theatre, training, technical manuals, online help files and specialist technical manuals. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01KDVW6K2 Inamorata the play was performed as part of the 1998 Melbourne Film Festival Janet was first recognised for poetry and theatre in high school and was...


Publishing From January 2016, Janet will be launching a new digital publishing experience including her own writing and that of other transformational authors. FICTION InamorataA set of short stories that informed the creation of a play which was produced as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. The book will contain both texts and information about the transformation. The Subverted TextA...


READINGS Janet's Readings schedule has reopened.  Readings are available in person, phone or through Skype.Book a reading today BUSINESS READINGS Comprehensive Dragon Change Business Reading Review the energies of your business. Understand what your business believes it is out to achieve, blocks and opportunities. Includes detailed report of findings and practical ways to address change. Reports can...


In 2013 Janet started work on Universal Meditations based on some of the Global healing work she was doing. She is currently working on capturing more insights into healing global areas. Fukushima Negate HEALING GROUP: Environmental Balance nullify radioactivity from the Japanese earthquake nuclear disaster The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred on the 11 March 2011 and is not resolved....


Janet provides mentoring and advice (in person and online) on your career, business or global direction. She helps individuals and business focus on living their passion and connecting the dots to dreams and worlds they have never envisaged.

She will help you find you place in the universe, as an individual or as a successful and conscious organisation.

Janet also provides Intuitive Readings to selected individuals, teams and businesses.


Eyrie Publishing manages Janet's writing as well as the writing of carefully chosen planetary messengers. Our writing shares universal truths as study, truth and fiction. Our publications shine light on deep questions and global mysteries.